Nikki is a Filipino product builder studying human behavior.

She designs to help reclaim attention and direct it where it matters most.

portfolio + résumé.

Working at the intersections of psychology and product design.
Currently designing with growing businesses in mind at NextPay (YC W21).

who's nikki?

When I’m not doing coursework or designing for tech startups, I write, read about behavior, tech, and philosophy, and train in cheer and gymnastics.


I’m a first year psychology student at the University of the Philippines - Diliman and dancer of the UP Varsity Pep Squad.

Rambling writer.

Find me writing long volumes for my newsletter, where I work to amplify local perspectives in design, tech, and psychology.

Avid learner.

I get fascinated reading up on everything from the Philippine startup scene to philosophy to educational systems! Many of my reads and finds are curated on

Wellness nerd.

I love tools and products that help me focus on the essential few; by reclaiming my attention, I hope to clear the ground for more work in activism and designing for society.

Musings on psychology, design, and education, and the systems they operate in

Writing and dreaming up creations at the Reclaim newsletter ✍️

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