I’m Nikki, a designer seeking to illuminate the intersections between care, culture, and technology. Welcome to my corner of the internet ♡


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A pixelated pink bouquet of flowers
A pixelated seedling
unlock fun facts? 🗝️
Building friends' online homes with little to no code at Studio Bisita 🏠
Hugging my husky-chow-brador Zuko 🐾
Studying psychology at The University of the Philippines, training in varsity cheer 📣
Strengthening my Genshin Impact team — I main with Raiden! 🍵
Replaying my fave Ghibli & video game OSTs on the piano — play my go-to instrumental mix 🎧
Designing for financial wellness and growing learning gardens at NextPay 💙

So, what brings you here?

Craft an online home of your own.

I love creating websites for anyone subverting the status quo for better, calmer futures. Tell me more about your vision and story, how I can help, and what your budget looks like. I will be your guide throughout the design process — and all the technical stuff, we'll figure out together.


Join me down my rabbit holes.

Curation is an essential part of my process, allowing me the space to reflect on my work and its implications. My study is my public digital garden; it houses collections of resources on psychology, building, personal development, and more. I imagine these as seeds that birth my projects in psychology and tech.