Do make yourself at home.

Welcome to my little garden on the web — I’m Nikki! I built this space to cultivate myself, my ideas, and, by extension, others through the content I publish and curate. Currently, I study psychology at the University of the Philippines while working part-time as a UX Designer at NextPay. I'm also a cheerleader for the UP Varsity Pep Squad!

When the pandemic started, I got into tech by chance, guided by online friends and mentors who helped fuse my academic background with my interest in design. Even from afar, these people shaped me and the kind of work i want to do as a designer: enchanting, decolonizing, soft, cozy, maginhawa.

My goal is to be a therapist in tech: someone to serve as a mirror, helping others understand their innermost thoughts and feelings, while actively resisting a tech culture that prioritizes speed and compromises attention. I’m starting to plant seeds for cozy digital futures through my web design practice at Studio Bisita (named after the Filipino word for visitor).

Talk to me about...

The complexities of wellness

Caring for myself is where everything begins. My personal practices of nourishment serve as the foundation from which I can show up for others, whether at home, at work, or in the classroom. Wellness is an infinite game that invites us to ask, what needs do I, or my community, have — and how can I sustainably fulfill those?

Learning better, together

I have felt disenchanted with the remote learning setup for a while now, instead finding safety and meaning in friend groups that enriched my perspective on tech. My experiences at Developh showed me that another culture of learning is possible: one that centers resource-sharing, critique, rest, play, and imagination.

Low-code web design

Before I discovered Webflow, I always felt so intimidated by web development! I don't feel comfortable translating my ideas into lines of code, so the advent of no-code tools was the ultimate catalyst for my journey into a career in tech. Now, I build online homes visually for brands and creators, and see web design as my craft and labor of love.

Comfort artists + food

I'll let you in on a secret: I dream of opening up my own café someday. I adore anything that evokes warmth and coziness, whether it's a slow Ben&Ben song, stills from a Ghibli film, or the perfect cup of Filipino hot chocolate. These days, I feel most at ease playing Genshin Impact and giving my dogs the hugs they deserve.

How culture shapes tech

I'm curious about how experiences of colonization, liberation, and polarization have influenced the way Filipinos build and interact with software. How do we, as technologists, remain grounded in local values and needs? I have a long way to go in doing this as a product designer, and would love to learn from people already pondering these topics.

Business as flow

While working on my studio launch, I learned from a friend that we build businesses because we want to be in flow with the world, and to sustain doing what we love. With this in mind, how can entrepreneurship be a regenerative force? I want to cultivate growth at all levels of operation, be it corporate, social, or environmental.

Career credits


Ma and Pa

For building a home where I feel safe to be my full self in. Thank you for allowing me to explore all my disparate interests. To my dad, for introducing me to sports, and to my mother, for gifting my first design sketchbooks.


Theater Fans Manila

For the incredible gigs as a first-time freelancer! I really enjoyed writing, researching, and speaking about Philippine theater — especially on its intertwined history with activism. Thank you for trusting a nerdy theater kid.


Bianca, Chia & Developh

For keeping me vigilant towards today's tech and providing the space to dream for more radical futures. I love you all!


Aldrich & NextPay

For showing me what it means to build a tech company that cares. You all inspire me to master my craft.


All my clients

For the trust! My heart is full seeing your brands and websites come to life.



For my first design internship, and my first sandbox as I started learning Webflow. To Charles, who taught me to take my work, but not myself, seriously.